After founding and operating the restaurant company, Flat Top Grill, for 15 years, we merged with another organization in 2009 and looked to our next adventure. We jumped into the car with our then 5 year old son, and drove around the country with no schedule and no agenda. It was truly a special year—discovering and rediscovering so many interesting and beautiful parts of this great country, and in particular, the treasures of our National Parks. During this journey, our next professional undertaking became clear to us.

The Idea for Tortoise Supper Club

We founded Tortoise Supper Club in the fall of 2012 inspired to open the type of place that combined all the things we love in a restaurant. We wanted to open a swanky, sophisticated restaurant with a spirited, jazz-era atmosphere that also is warm and welcoming. We were particularly inspired by the vibe from the swanky party scenes in the movies “White Christmas” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Keene still has a flip phone.

Inspired Authentic Connection

He has never had a smart phone and he is proud of it. He is the kind of person that wants to talk instead of text, and he doesn’t care if he is following the latest trends. In a way, that equates to how we feel about Tortoise. He is all about the authentic, personal connection. Almost a decade after opening, the Covid 19 global pandemic hit us hard. We went from greeting hundreds of people each night at our front door to personally becoming the delivery drivers and eventually being forced to close our doors for many months. We reopened in May of 2021, and realized what we do can’t be created in a “To Go” order. Tortoise is the authentic connection we all craved during lockdown, and we missed our guests and staff.

Now More Than Ever, Thank You

Often, when a new guest leaves Tortoise, we hear time and again, how much they love the vibe and ambiance at Tortoise Supper Club. We are delighted you are here and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Keene and Megan

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