UPDATE: 100% to GOAL! Thank you to everyone who donated to the GoFundMe to Save Mayra!  Manny reached his financial goal and can now facilitate his daughters life saving surgery.  We are grateful to all those associated with Tortoise Supper Club that supported Manny. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Tortoise Supper Club is special to us because we are in the middle of everything that happens in the operations of the restaurant.  We are at the front door greeting guests, we are involved in the scheduling, and seating planning of busy nights.  We have the opportunity to get to know the people that we work with on a daily basis. We have incredible cast of characters that provide some of the best food and hospitality in Chicago.

Tortoise Supper Club has a Special Staff.

We will always remember the feeling when our staff came back to work after the restaurant was forced to shut down during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Every time we saw the face of one of our own walking in the door for the first time, we were so grateful they were healthy and that they wanted to come back to work at Tortoise Supper Club.  The labor market is extremely tight, particularly in the hospitality industry.  A restaurant worker can basically go anywhere and get hired on the spot.  We know that.  What we see from our Tortoise Team is that they continue to work at Tortoise Supper Club because of the people.  They continue to choose each other, us, and our guests.

We Are Inspired by Their Generosity.

One of our own is in need right now.  Manny’s daughter Mayra needs a life-saving kidney transplant. Our staff has risen to the fundraising challenge to SAVE MAYRA.

Manuel Carchi is a server assistant at Tortoise Supper Club for the past 7 years.  He usually has two jobs, but now he has three. Manny is the type of person that everyone wants to work with.  When Manny walks in the building, his coworkers are energized and his guests are happy.

Manny is from Ecuador and his daughter, Mayra, age 21, still lives in Ecuador.  Mayra was born with only one kidney.  In 2015 Mayra was diagnosed with stage 5, chronic renal disease. Mayra needs a kidney transplant.  Her prognosis is poor; her one kidney could fail within the year.  After her diagnosis in 2015, efforts were made to explore continuing Mayra’s care here in Chicago.  Unfortunately, the pandemic put a stop to all of those efforts. Today, Mayra’s only chance to survive is to get a kidney transplant.  Her brother is a match for the surgery and he is committed to giving Mayra one of his healthy kidneys.

From $7 to $500 Our Staff Is Donating to Support Manny & Save Mayra.

The hospital in Ecuador first needs $40,000.00 to proceed with Mayra’s surgery.  A GO FUND ME was created and the response from our staff is heroic and heartwarming. Dishwashers are donating $7, seasoned servers are donating $500.  Former staff are contributing to the cause. People that have not worked with Manny in years are sending their support.

We share this story to celebrate these wonderful people of Tortoise Supper Club. Every refresh of the GO FUND ME, leaves us further in awe of the ongoing generosity of our staff.  Rest assured, when you dine at Tortoise Supper Club, you are being served by  the best Chicagoans.

If you are inclined to donate to support Manny and save Myra, the GO FUND ME link is attached.

GO FUND ME – Save Mayra

Thank you.

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