Planning a corporate gathering or business dinner in Chicago?  There are many things to consider if you want to plan a successful event and look like a hero in the eyes of your colleagues.  Follow these four tips to plan a successful  private dining event.

Step 1: Secure the Date
The best date for your group is the first step when planning a successful business dinner.  Be sure to factor in the schedules of key attendees when choosing a date.  Who absolutely must be there and is this a date without too many conflicts from the team?  Secure the date early and communicate often with your team leading up to the event. For example, “Next week at this time we will be sipping Manhattans at the best bar in Chicago!”.  More reminders minimize conflicts and maximize attendance.

Step 2:  Fine Tune the Vibe
How do you want your guests to feel at your event?  Communicate your desired vibe with your event planner.  The right planner will direct you to the best style of party and event flow to deliver the vision for your desired vibe.  Your ideas and your planner’s expertise will make your vision a reality.

Step 3:  Select a Memorable Menu
Your menu should make memories!  Select menu options that showcase the culinary delights of your venue of choice. What is the venue known for?  What are the must haves on the menu?  Rely on your planner’s expertise for unique menu suggestions.

Step 4 :  Surprise & Delight
Sometimes spending a few extra dollars can really surprise and delight your guests. Hire a cigar roller, caricature artist, or singer to serenade a colleague.  A brief group activity goes a long way…a craps table, magician, or a craft cocktail making demonstration will be the highlight of your guest’s week.  A small investment of time and resources will have your team singing your praises for years to come!

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